Teacher/Educator, Psychotherapist and Organization Development Specialist

His work integrates Eastern Spiritual Teachings with Western Psychology and Business Practices
Twenty-five years of experience .


Walker McDonald is a Teacher/Educator, Psychotherapist and Organization Development Specialist whose work integrates Eastern Spiritual Teachings with Western Psychology and Business Practices. Walker has a deep passion for and commitment to understanding the human potential.

Walker has over twenty-five years of experience as an Educator, Psychotherapist and Organization Development Specialist in the areas of; violence & gang prevention, conflict resolution, truancy reduction, parenting, character building, change management, executive coaching, leadership and staff development, organization development (diagnosis & Intervention), teambuilding and mediation. He has developed systems for helping schools, institutions, organizations, and groups discover common goals and work more effectively together. Walker developed the 4AspectsTMSkill for Success program to support at-risk students in feeling better about their selves and in taking ownership of their education, keeping them in school, off the streets and out of gangs.

Walker is the author of a number of books; 4Aspects Journal Workbooks (Personal, Leadership & Organizational), 4Aspects Skills For Success Workbook, beyond anger & violence (published 2009), 4Aspects Skills For Success Workbook II, Beyond Division – Transforming Differences into Personal Empowerment (published 2013), 4Aspects Servant Leader Workbook, Unlocking the Passion to Serve (published 2011), and State of Ease, published in 2016.

Walker brings a unique blend of intuitive and technical excellence along with responsive exploration to his work. He supports his clients in creating a compelling personal context for change and cultivates the capabilities required to achieve and sustain their purpose and vision. He models the leadership competencies that support his clients in achieving their goals. As a therapist, Walker has over thirty years of private practice. He’ worked with many stages of mental illness, and supported individuals, couples, families and groups. He’s worked with schizophrenic children and adults and autistic children, and facilitated support groups for the families of schizophrenic children. Presently Walker is the President of 4Aspects™, LLC and is working in the area of truancy reduction & gang prevention within Denver and Aurora Public schools.

Walker has a strong history as an Organization Development Specialist and has played an important role in the hiring and development of management and staff. He has managed learning environments, coordinated and prioritized the efforts of teams/groups and customized programs to address identified training requirements. He has also conducted organizational diagnosis, needs analysis, administered assessments, evaluated attainment of organization objectives, and conducted follow-up evaluation. He has identified, evaluated and sourced external programs that complement and support overall training requirements and business objectives. Walker has over twenty years managing learning environments. Walker’s work spans for profit and nonprofit clients, working with multi-international Fortune 150 corporations as well as start-up companies. He served as transitional CEO with Bio-Electronics, in Boulder, CO. Director of Core Action Network, Denver CO. Prior to that he served with Point Easy, a San Francisco based organization development consultant firm serving California’s Silicon Valley. Presently Walker is President of 4Aspects™(http://4aspects.com), LLC, a Counseling, Coaching and Training company.

Walker received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University. He also completed three years of graduate work at the Californian Institute of Integral Studies (Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology and a minor in Organization Development). Walker is registered with the State of Colorado as an Unlicensed Psychotherapist. He holds Practitioner Certification in: Conflict Resolution, from The Center for Conflict Resolution, Aspen CO. and Neuro-Linquistic Programming from NLP Comprehensive, Lakewood C). Parents On A Mission from The Latino Coalition, Los Angeles, CA.


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